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Journal issue: 897, Pages range: 622-625
Optimization of 4H-SiC photodiodes as selective UV sensors (2017)
Matthus C, Burenkov A, Erlbacher T

Volume: 854, Pages range: 99-105
A new strategy for manufacturing tailored blanks by a flexible rolling process (2016)
Hildenbrand P, Lechner M, Merklein M

Volume: 858, Pages range: 301
Doping of 4H-SiC with group IV elements (2016)
Krieger M, Rühl M, Sledziewski T, et al.

Volume: 858, Pages range: 33-36
High temperature solution growth of SiC by the vertical Bridgman method using a metal free Si-C-melt at 2300 °C (2016)
Fahlbusch L, Schöler M, Mattle P, et al.

Volume: 858, Pages range: 1032-1035
Ion implanted 4H-SiC UV pin-diodes for solar radiation detection – Simulation and characterization (2016)
Matthus C, Erlbacher T, Burenkov A, et al.

Journal issue: 473, Volume: 858
On the origin of threshold voltage instability under operating conditions of 4H-SiC n-channel MOSFETs (2016)
Pobegen G, Weiße J, Hauck M, et al.

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