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Speech-DPOAEs for probing speech processing in the inner ear (2024) Saiz-Alia M, Miller P, Reichenbach T Conference contribution Progress in soft x-ray nanolithography by advanced tools of inventive problem solving (2023) Späth A Conference contribution Employing x-ray spectromicroscopy for the understanding of anisotropy in organic thin film growth (2023) Hawly T, Späth A, Johnson M, Streller F, Watts B, Raabe J, Fink R Conference contribution High-temperature mechanical properties of MAX-phase based functionally graded laminated composites fabricated from preceramic papers (2023) Krotkevich DG, Kashkarov EB, Krinitsyn MG, Travitzky N Conference contribution Ultrathin parasitic SiOzlayer formation at annealed wet-chemical NiOx/Si interfaces in Perovskite/Si tandem solar cells (2023) Lange S, Fett B, Hähnel A, Müller A, Kabakli ÖS, Newcomb-Hall Z, Herbig B, et al. Conference contribution Strain hardening of various polymer melts (2023) Münstedt H Conference contribution Case Study on the Dependency of the Degradation Rate on Degradation Modes and Methodology Using Monitoring Data (2022) Denz J, Peters MI, Hauch J, Buerhop-Lutz C Conference contribution Chinese CSP for the world? (2022) Thonig R, Gilmanova A, Zhan J, Lilliestam J Journal article Deep decarbonization of the European power sector calls for dispatchable CSP (2022) Resch G, Schöniger F, Kleinschmitt C, Franke K, Thonig R, Lilliestam J Journal article Scaling Up CSP: How Long Will It Take? (2021) Lilliestam J, Liu F, Gilmanova A, Mehos M, Wang Z, Thonig R Journal article