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Concentrating solar technology policy should encourage high temperatures and modularity to enable spillovers (2021) Thonig R, Lilliestam J Journal article, Original article Efficient parameter identification for macroscopic fiber orientation models with experimental data and a mechanistic fiber simulation (2020) Kugler S, Lambert GM, Cruz C, Kech A, Osswald TA, Baird DG Conference contribution Novel process routes towards the production of spherical polymer powders for selective laser sintering (2019) Schmidt J, Dechet M, Gomez Bonilla JS, Kloos S, Wirth KE, Peukert W Conference contribution Formation of spherical micron-sized polyamide particles for additive manufacturing via liquid-liquid phase separation (2019) Dechet M, Kloos S, Peukert W, Schmidt J Conference contribution The dragon awakens: Will China save or conquer concentrating solar power? (2019) Lilliestam J, Ollier L, Pfenninger S Journal article Investigation of the tool wear behaviour in shear-clinching processes during the running-in phase (2019) Wiesenmayer S, Han D, Meschut G, Merklein M Conference contribution Geometric and corrosive influences on load-bearing capacity of multi-element shear-clinching specimen (2019) Han D, Wiesenmayer S, Merklein M, Meschut G Conference contribution Investigation on the Tribological Behavior of Tool-sided Tailored Surfaces for Controlling the Material Flow in Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming (2019) Henneberg J, Lucas H, Denkena B, Merklein M Conference contribution, Original article Development of a simulation method for the prediction of transmission errors of injection molded spur gears (2019) Schubert D, Hertle S, Kleffel T, Drummer D Conference contribution Heating effect on the forming behaviour of high nitrogen steel in bulk forming (2019) Kuball CM, Merklein M Conference contribution