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Identification of a process window for tailored carburization of sheet metals in hot stamping (2018) Horn A, Merklein M Journal article Forming characteristics of artificial aging Al-Mg-Si-Cu sheet alloys (2017) Klos A, Kellner S, Wortberg D, Walter P, Bassi C, Merklein M Conference contribution Ultrafast modulation of femtosecond laser pulses in direct-gap semiconductor metasurfaces with magnetic resonances (2017) Zubyuk VV, Shcherbakov MR, Vabishchevich PP, Liu S, Vaskin A, Keeler GA, Pertsch T, et al. Conference contribution Rheological properties of conductive polymer composites around the electrical percolation threshold (2017) Stary Z, Münstedt H Conference contribution X-ray emission generated by laser-produced plasmas from dielectric nanostructured targets (2017) Samsonova Z, Hoefer S, Hoffmann A, Landgraf B, Zuerch M, Uschmann I, Khaghani D, et al. Conference contribution The Gamma-ray Cherenkov Telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (2017) Tibaldo L, Abchiche A, Allan D, Amans JP, Armstrong TP, Balzer A, Bergey D, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Inauguration and First Light of the GCT-M Prototype for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (2017) Watson JJ, De Franco A, Abchiche A, Allan D, Amans JP, Armstrong TP, Balzer A, et al. Conference contribution TARGET: A Digitizing And Trigger ASIC For The Cherenkov Telescope Array (2017) Funk S, Jankowsky D, Katagiri H, Kraus M, Okumura A, Schoorlemmer H, Shigenaka A, et al. Conference contribution Modification of Tribological Conditions for Influencing the Material Flow in Bulk Forming of Microparts from Sheet Metal (2017) Kraus M, Andreas K, Stellin T, Engel U, Merklein M Conference contribution Analysis of the Lankford Coefficient Evolution at Different Strain Rates for AA6016-T4, DP800 and DC06 (2017) Lenzen M, Merklein M Conference contribution