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New solar selective coating based on carbon nanotubes (2016) Abendroth T, Leupolt B, Maeder G, Haertel P, Graehlert W, Althues H, Kaskel S, Beyer E Conference contribution Simulations of multi-contrast X-ray imaging using near-field speckles (2016) Zdora MC, Thibault P, Herzen J, Pfeiffer F, Zanette I Conference contribution Fundamental Studies on a Novel Die Concept for Round-Point Shear-Clinching (2016) Hoerhold R, Müller M, Merklein M, Meschut G Journal article New developments in the area of topological insulators (2015) Felser C, Yan B, Muechler L, Chadov S, Kuebler J, Zhang S Conference contribution Otoacoustic emission through waves on Reissner's membrane (2015) Reichenbach T, Stefanovic A, Nin F, Hudspeth AJ Conference contribution A wave of cochlear bone deformation can underlie bone conduction and otoacoustic emissions (2015) Tchumatchenko T, Reichenbach T Conference contribution Characterization of temperature-dependent optical material properties of polymer powders (2015) Laumer T, Stichel T, Bock T, Amend P, Schmidt M Conference contribution Investigations of slip in capillary flow by laser-Doppler velocimetry and their relations to melt fracture (2015) Münstedt H Conference contribution Functionalization of polymers using an atmospheric plasma jet in a fluidized bed reactor and the impact on SLM-Processes (2014) Sachs M, Schmitt A, Schmidt J, Peukert W, Wirth KE Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Liquid composite molding-processing and characterization of fiber-reinforced composites modified with carbon nanotubes (2014) Zeiler R, Khalid U, Kuttner C, Kothmann M, Dijkstra DJ, Fery A, Altstaedt V Conference contribution