Speech-DPOAEs for probing speech processing in the inner ear

Saiz-Alia M, Miller P, Reichenbach T (2024)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2024


Publisher: American Institute of Physics

Book Volume: 3062

Conference Proceedings Title: AIP Conference Proceedings

Event location: Helsingor, DNK

ISBN: 9780735448445

DOI: 10.1063/5.0189618


Speech is a complex real-world stimulus that consists of time-varying contributions in many frequency bands. The inner ear, or cochlea, not only transduces the acoustic vibrations into electrical signals, but also spatially segregates the acoustic waveform into different frequency components, as well as mechanically amplifies the vibrations in frequency bands where the amplitude is low. This processing of the speech signal can potentially be controlled through efferent nerve fibers that extend from higher processing centers in the brain to the cochlea. However, we are currently lacking methodological tools to non-invasively investigate the putative role of top-down feedback on speech processing in humans. Here we develop such a method that builds on distortion-product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs) related to the temporal fine structure of the voiced parts of speech (speech-DPOAEs).

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Saiz-Alia, M., Miller, P., & Reichenbach, T. (2024). Speech-DPOAEs for probing speech processing in the inner ear. In Wei Dong, Bastian Epp (Eds.), AIP Conference Proceedings. Helsingor, DNK: American Institute of Physics.


Saiz-Alia, Marina, Peter Miller, and Tobias Reichenbach. "Speech-DPOAEs for probing speech processing in the inner ear." Proceedings of the 14th International Mechanics of Hearing Workshop, MOH 2022, Helsingor, DNK Ed. Wei Dong, Bastian Epp, American Institute of Physics, 2024.

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