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Encapsulation of locally welded silver nanowire with water-free ALD-SbOx for flexible thin-film transistors (2022) Yang J, Bahrami A, Ding X, Lehmann S, Nielsch K Journal article Spin-wave frequency combs (2022) Hula T, Schultheiss K, Goncalves FJT, Koerber L, Bejarano M, Copus M, Flacke L, et al. Journal article Vapor phase synthesis of topological semimetal MoP2nanowires and their resistivity (2022) Jin G, Han HJ, Hart JL, Sam QP, Kiani MT, Hynek DJ, Hasse V, et al. Journal article Experimental realization of scanning quantum microscopy (2022) Gili VF, Piccinini C, Arabi MS, Kumar P, Besaga , Brambila E, Graefe M, et al. Journal article Nanostructured back surface amorphization of silicon with picosecond laser pulses (2022) Blothe M, Chambonneau M, Nolte S Journal article High-repetition-rate, multi-MeV deuteron acceleration from converging heavy water microjets at laser intensities of 1021W/cm2 (2022) Treffert F, Curry CB, Chou HG, Crissman CJ, Deponte DP, Fiuza F, Glenn GD, et al. Journal article Noncollinear magnetic order in epitaxial thin films of the centrosymmetric MnPtGa hard magnet (2022) Ibarra R, Lesne E, Ouladdiaf B, Beauvois K, Sukhanov AS, Schnelle W, Devishvili A, et al. Journal article Determination of site occupancy of boron in 6H-SiC by multiple-wavelength neutron holography (2022) Hayashi K, Lederer M, Fukumoto Y, Goto M, Yamamoto Y, Happo N, Harada M, et al. Journal article Spintronic THz emitters based on transition metals and semi-metals/Pt multilayers (2022) Hawecker J, Rongione E, Markou A, Krishnia S, Godel F, Collin S, Lebrun R, et al. Journal article Spin-voltage-driven efficient terahertz spin currents from the magnetic Weyl semimetals Co2MnGa and Co2MnAl (2022) Bierhance G, Markou A, Gueckstock O, Rouzegar R, Behovits Y, Chekhov AL, Wolf M, et al. Journal article