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Imprinting the complex dielectric permittivity of liquids into the spintronic terahertz emission (2021) Balos V, Muller P, Jakob G, Klaui M, Sajadi M Journal article Nonreciprocity of spin waves in magnetic nanotubes with helical equilibrium magnetization (2021) Salazar-Cardona MM, Koerber L, Schultheiss H, Lenz K, Thomas A, Nielsch K, Kakay A, Otalora JA Journal article Building process design rules for microstructure control in wide-bandgap mixed halide perovskite solar cells by a high-throughput approach (2021) Akhundova F, Lüer L, Osvet A, Hauch J, Peters IM, Forberich K, Li N, Brabec C Journal article Coupling of a single tin-vacancy center to a photonic crystal cavity in diamond (2021) Kuruma K, Pingault B, Chia C, Renaud D, Hoffmann P, Iwamoto S, Ronning C, Loncar M Journal article Ultrafast all-optical diffraction switching using semiconductor metasurfaces (2021) Vabishchevich PP, Vaskin A, Karl N, Reno JL, Sinclair MB, Staude I, Brener I Journal article Inverse spin-Hall effect in GeSn (2021) Marchionni A, Zucchetti C, Ciccacci F, Finazzi M, Funk HS, Schwarz D, Oehme M, et al. Journal article Application concepts for ultrafast laser-induced skyrmion creation and annihilation (2021) Gerlinger K, Pfau B, Buettner F, Schneider M, Kern LM, Fuchs J, Engel D, et al. Journal article Stimulated-Raman-adiabatic-passage mechanism in a magnonic environment (2021) Wang Q, Braecher T, Fleischhauer M, Hillebrands B, Pirro P Journal article Accurate extraction of anisotropic spin-orbit torques from harmonic measurements (2021) Van Elst DMJ, Peters MRA, Buettner F, Wittmann A, Tremsina EA, Avci CO, Lavrijsen R, et al. Journal article Effective strain manipulation of the antiferromagnetic state of polycrystalline NiO (2021) Barra A, Ross A, Gomonay O, Baldrati L, Chavez A, Lebrun R, Schneider JD, et al. Journal article