Vapor phase synthesis of topological semimetal MoP2nanowires and their resistivity

Jin G, Han HJ, Hart JL, Sam QP, Kiani MT, Hynek DJ, Hasse V, Felser C, Cha JJ (2022)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2022


Book Volume: 121

Article Number: 113105

Journal Issue: 11

DOI: 10.1063/5.0106357


Topological semimetals (TSMs) possess topologically protected surface states near the Fermi level with high carrier densities and high mobilities, holding distinct potential for low-dissipation on-chip interconnects that may outperform current copper interconnects for continued dimensional scaling of CMOS technologies. To translate the exotic properties of TSMs into practical interconnects, developments of high precision synthesis for these emergent semimetals are essential. Here, we report the synthesis of TSM molybdenum diphosphide (MoP2) nanowires with controlled dimensions and crystallinity. By varying the growth temperature in chemical vapor depositions (CVD), we achieve polycrystalline MoP2 as well as single-crystalline MoP2-x nanostructures, which are confined in highly anisotropic forms on crystalline substrates with a miscut angle of 1°. The measured metallic properties, such as room temperature resistivity and temperature-dependent resistance, of the synthesized MoP2 nanostructures show promising dimensional effects for interconnect applications, suggesting potential enhancement of topological surface states in electron transport at reduced dimensions. The demonstration of CVD-grown MoP2 nanowires provides opportunities for careful investigations of design rules for TSMs-based nanoscale interconnects.

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Jin, G., Han, H.J., Hart, J.L., Sam, Q.P., Kiani, M.T., Hynek, D.J.,... Cha, J.J. (2022). Vapor phase synthesis of topological semimetal MoP2nanowires and their resistivity. Applied Physics Letters, 121(11).


Jin, Gangtae, et al. "Vapor phase synthesis of topological semimetal MoP2nanowires and their resistivity." Applied Physics Letters 121.11 (2022).

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