Experimental realization of scanning quantum microscopy

Gili VF, Piccinini C, Arabi MS, Kumar P, Besaga , Brambila E, Graefe M, Pertsch T, Setzpfandt F (2022)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2022


Book Volume: 121

Article Number: 104002

Journal Issue: 10

DOI: 10.1063/5.0095972


Quantum imaging is an ever expanding research field in which the aim is to exploit the quantum nature of light to enhance image reconstruction capabilities. Despite a number of successful demonstrations for quantum imaging, quantum microscopy still seems out of the range for practical applications due to different physical and technical reasons. Here, we propose an imaging method exploiting the quantum correlations of photon pairs and a scanning microscope to achieve fast, single mode quantum imaging. We first test our technique on a metal grating to estimate the resolution capabilities of our system. Moreover, we assess its potential in terms of the number of available independent pixels at full resolution compared to different quantum imaging approaches. Finally, we demonstrate scanning quantum microscopy of onion epithelial cells, paving the way toward scalable quantum microscopy for bio-physical applications. Our results, combined with the rapidly evolving photon-pair generation and detection technology toward the mid-infrared, could lead to an extension of quantum microscopy applications toward the mid-infrared to access the molecular fingerprint region.

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Gili, V.F., Piccinini, C., Arabi, M.S., Kumar, P., Besaga, ., Brambila, E.,... Setzpfandt, F. (2022). Experimental realization of scanning quantum microscopy. Applied Physics Letters, 121(10). https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0095972


Gili, V. F., et al. "Experimental realization of scanning quantum microscopy." Applied Physics Letters 121.10 (2022).

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