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Towards SiC-Based VUV Pin-Photodiodes - Investigations on 4H-SiC Photodiodes with Shallow Implanted Al Emitters (2023) Schraml M, Papathanasiou N, May A, Weiss T, Erlbacher T Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Drawing Capability of High Formable Packaging Steel: Comparison of Limiting Drawing Ratio and Forming Limit Curve (2022) Knieps F, Köhl M, Merklein M Conference contribution Characterization and Modelling of Sheet Material with Graded Strength for More Accurate Finite Element Analysis (2022) Lenzen M, Kraus M, Merklein M Conference contribution Investigation of the Influence by Size Effects on the Material Characterization of the Uniaxial Compression Stress State (2022) Hetz P, Kraus M, Merklein M Conference contribution Analysis of the Part Quality and Process Stability when Producing Metallic Micro Parts by Multi-Stage Bulk Forming from Sheet Metal (2022) Kraus M, Merklein M Conference contribution Friction Characterisation for a Tumbling Self-Piercing Riveting Process (2021) Wituschek S, Lechner M Journal article, Original article Local strain measurement in tensile test for an optimized characterization of packaging steel for finite element analysis (2021) Knieps F, Köhl M, Merklein M Conference contribution Assessment of springback behaviour of 800-1200 mpa dual-phase steel grades (2021) Durmaz U, Heibel S, Schweiker T, Merklein M Conference contribution A finite plasticity gradient-damage model for sheet metals during forming and clinching (2021) Friedlein J, Mergheim J, Steinmann P Conference contribution Influence of the rivet coating on the friction during self-piercing riveting (2021) Uhe B, Kuball CM, Merklein M, Meschut G Journal article