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Ultrasonic-Assisted Upsetting of Steel with 15 kHz Oscillation Frequency (2016) Michalski M, Merklein M Journal article Electrophoretic deposition of PEEK/45S5 bioactive glass coating on porous titanium substrate: Influence of processing conditions and porosity parameters (2016) Torres Y, Romero C, Chen Q, Pérez G, Rodríguez-Ortiz JA, Pavón JJ, Álvarez L, et al. Journal article, Report Experimental verification of a benchmark forming simulation (2015) Landkammer P, Loderer A, Krebs E, Söhngen B, Steinmann P, Hausotte T, Kersting P, et al. Journal article Experimental and Simulative Investigations of Tribology in Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming (2015) Beyer F, Blum H, Kumor D, Rademacher A, Willner K, Schneider T Journal article Friction adjustment within dry deep drawing by locally laser textured tool surfaces (2015) Häfner T, Heberle J, Dobler M, Gränitz M, Alexeev I, Schmidt M Conference contribution Effect of additive manufactured metallic structures on laser-based thermal joining of thermoplastic metal hybrids (2015) Amend P, Hentschel O, Scheitler CJ, Gorunov AI, Schmidt M Conference contribution Tailor-Made Forging Tools by Laser Metal Deposition (2015) Junker D, Hentschel O, Schmidt M, Merklein M Conference contribution Numerical investigation of dry and lubricated sheet metal forming processes (2015) Merklein M, Affronti E, Steiner J Conference contribution Experimental and numerical investigations on a pressure dependent friction model (2015) Zöller F, Vera S, Merklein M Conference contribution Development of a New Method for Producing Plane Expanded Metal by Laser Cutting and Forming of Metal Plates under Uniaxial Tension (2015) Merklein M, Junker D, Schaub A, Kretschmer A, Lechner M Journal article