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Sub-Kelvin thermometry for evaluating the local temperature stability within in situ TEM gas cells (2022) Fritsch B, Wu M, Hutzler A, Zhou D, Spruit R, Vogl L, Will J, et al. Journal article FIB/SEM tomography segmentation by optical flow estimation (2020) Moroni R, Thiele S Journal article Low energy nano diffraction (LEND) – A versatile diffraction technique in SEM (2020) Schweizer P, Denninger P, Dolle C, Spiecker E Journal article Complementary cathodoluminescence lifetime imaging configurations in a scanning electron microscope (2019) Meuret S, Garcia MS, Coenen T, Kieft E, Zeijlemaker H, Latzel M, Christiansen S, et al. Journal article Spherical aberration correction in a scanning transmission electron microscope using a sculpted thin film (2018) Shiloh R, Remez R, Lu PH, Jin L, Lereah Y, Tavabi AH, Dunin-Borkowski RE, Arie A Journal article Advanced concentration analysis of atom probe tomography data: Local proximity histograms and pseudo-2D concentration maps (2018) Felfer P, Cairney J Journal article 3D shaping of electron beams using amplitude masks (2017) Shiloh R, Arie A Journal article Correlative micro-diffraction and differential phase contrast study of mean inner potential and subtle beam-specimen interaction (2017) Wu M, Spiecker E Journal article, Original article Local temperature measurement in TEM by parallel beam electron diffraction (2017) Niekiel F, Kraschewski S, Müller J, Butz B, Spiecker E Journal article, Original article A flexible method for the preparation of thin film samples for in situ TEM characterization combining shadow-FIB milling and electron beam-assisted etching (2016) Liebig JP, Göken M, Richter G, Mackovic M, Przybilla T, Spiecker E, Pierron ON, Merle B Journal article
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