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Quantitative EDXS analysis of organic materials using the zeta-factor method (2014) Fladischer S, Grogger W Journal article STXM goes 3D: Digital reconstruction of focal stacks as novel approach towards confocal soft x-ray microscopy (2014) Späth A, Schöll S, Riess C, Schmidtel D, Paradossi G, Raabe J, Hornegger J, Fink R Journal article, Original article Applying computational geometry techniques for advanced feature analysis in atom probe data (2013) Felfer P, Ceguerra A, Ringer S, Cairney J Journal article New atom probe approaches to studying segregation in nanocrystalline materials (2013) Samudrala SK, Felfer P, Araullo-Peters VJ, Cao Y, Liao XZ, Cairney JM Journal article TEM preparation method for site- and orientation-specific sectioning of individual anisotropic nanoparticles based on shadow-FIB geometry (2012) Vieweg B, Butz B, Peukert W, Klupp Taylor R, Spiecker E Journal article, Original article Shaping the lens of the atom probe: Fabrication of site specific, oriented specimens and application to grain boundary analysis (2011) Felfer P, Ringer SP, Cairney JM Journal article Quantitative atom column position analysis at the incommensurate interfaces of a (PbS)1.14NbS2 misfit layered compound with aberration-corrected HRTEM (2011) Garbrecht M, Spiecker E, Tillmann K, Jäger W Journal article, Original article Double aberration correction in a low-energy electron microscope (2010) Schmidt T, Marchetto H, Levesque PL, Groh U, Maier F, Preikszas D, Hartel P, et al. Journal article, Original article Successful double aberration correction in a low energy electron microscope (2010) Fink R, Schmidt T, Umbach E, Freund HJ Journal article Erratum to "advanced thin film technology for ultrahigh resolution X-ray microscopy" [Ultramicroscopy 109 (2009) 1360-1364] (DOI:10.1016/j.ultramic.2009.07.005) (2010) Vila-Comamala J, Jefimovs K, Raabe J, Pilvi T, Fink R, Senoner M, Maassdorf A, et al. Journal article, Erratum
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