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A computational geometry framework for the optimisation of atom probe reconstructions (2016) Felfer P, Cairney J Journal article Prospects for electron beam aberration correction using sculpted phase masks (2016) Shiloh R, Remez R, Arie A Journal article Designs for a quantum electron microscope (2016) Kruit P, Hobbs RG, Kim CS, Yang Y, Manfrinato VR, Hammer J, Thomas S, et al. Journal article, Original article Compressed sensing electron tomography of needle-shaped biological specimens - Potential for improved reconstruction fidelity with reduced dose (2016) Saghi Z, Divitini G, Winter B, Leary R, Spiecker E, Ducati C, Midgley PA Journal article A simple approach to atom probe sample preparation by using shadow masks (2016) Felfer P, Mccarroll I, Macauley C, Cairney JM Journal article New approaches to nanoparticle sample fabrication for atom probe tomography (2015) Felfer P, Li T, Eder K, Galinski H, Magyar AP, Bell DC, Smith GDW, et al. Conference contribution Mapping interfacial excess in atom probe data (2015) Felfer P, Scherrer B, Demeulemeester J, Vandervorst W, Cairney JM Conference contribution Detecting and extracting clusters in atom probe data: A simple, automated method using Voronoi cells (2015) Felfer P, Ceguerra AV, Ringer SP, Cairney JM Journal article Mining information from atom probe data (2015) Cairney JM, Rajan K, Haley D, Gault B, Bagot PJ, Choi PP, Felfer P, et al. Journal article, Original article Sculpturing the electron wave function using nanoscale phase masks (2014) Shiloh R, Lereah Y, Lilach Y, Arie A Journal article
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