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Rise and diversification of chondrichthyans in the Paleozoic (2024) Schnetz L, Dunne E, Feichtinger I, Butler RJ, Coates MI, Sansom IJ Journal article Increasing the equitability of data citation in paleontology: capacity building for the big data future (2023) Smith JA, Raja NB, Clements T, Dimitrijevic D, Dowding E, Dunne E, Gee BM, et al. Journal article Challenges and directions in analytical paleobiology (2023) Dillon E, Dunne E, Womack T, Kouvari M, Larina E, Claytor JR, Ivkić A, et al. Journal article Climatic controls on the ecological ascendancy of dinosaurs (2023) Farnsworth A, Benson RBJ, Godoy PL, Greene SE, Valdes PJ, Lunt DJ, Butler RJ, Dunne E Journal article Mechanistic neutral models show that sampling biases drive the apparent explosion of early tetrapod diversity (2023) Dunne E, Thompson SE, Butler RJ, Rosindell J, Close RA Journal article Ethics, law, and politics in palaeontological research: The case of Myanmar amber (2022) Dunne E, Raja NB, Stewens PP, Zin-Maung-Maung-Thein , Zaw K Journal article, Review article Sampling biases obscure the early diversification of the largest living vertebrate group (2022) Henderson S, Dunne E, Giles S Journal article The early diversification of ray-finned fishes (Actinopterygii): hypotheses, challenges and future prospects (2022) Henderson S, Dunne E, Fasey SA, Giles S Journal article Digging deeper into colonial palaeontological practices in modern day Mexico and Brazil (2022) Cisneros J, Raja Schoob NB, Ghilardi AM, Dunne E, Pinheiro F, Regalado Fernández OR, Sales M, et al. Journal article The Return of Fossils Removed Under Colonial Rule (2022) Dunne E, Raja Schoob NB, Stewens P Other publication type
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