Challenges and directions in analytical paleobiology

Dillon E, Dunne E, Womack T, Kouvari M, Larina E, Claytor JR, Ivkić A, Juhn M, Milla Carmona P, Robson SV, Saha A, Villafaña J, Zill M (2023)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2023


DOI: 10.1017/pab.2023.3

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Over the last 50 years, access to new data and analytical tools has expanded the study of analytical paleobiology, contributing to innovative analyses of biodiversity dynamics over Earth's history. Despite—or even spurred by—this growing availability of resources, analytical paleobiology faces deep-rooted obstacles that stem from the need for more equitable access to data and best practices to guide analyses of the fossil record. Recent progress has been accelerated by a collective push toward more collaborative, interdisciplinary, and open science, especially by early-career researchers. Here, we survey four challenges facing analytical paleobiology from an early-career perspective: (1) accounting for biases when interpreting the fossil record; (2) integrating fossil and modern biodiversity data; (3) building data science skills; and (4) increasing data accessibility and equity. We discuss recent efforts to address each challenge, highlight persisting barriers, and identify tools that have advanced analytical work. Given the inherent linkages between these challenges, we encourage discourse across disciplines to find common solutions. We also affirm the need for systemic changes that reevaluate how we conduct and share paleobiological research.

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Dillon, E., Dunne, E., Womack, T., Kouvari, M., Larina, E., Claytor, J.R.,... Zill, M. (2023). Challenges and directions in analytical paleobiology. Paleobiology.


Dillon, Erin, et al. "Challenges and directions in analytical paleobiology." Paleobiology (2023).

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