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Increasing the equitability of data citation in paleontology: capacity building for the big data future (2023) Smith JA, Raja NB, Clements T, Dimitrijevic D, Dowding E, Dunne E, Gee BM, et al. Journal article Corallite sizes of reef corals: decoupling of evolutionary and ecological trends (2023) Dimitrijevic D, Raja Schoob NB, Kießling W Journal article, Original article Growth allometry and dental topography in Upper Triassic conodonts support trophic differentiation and molar-like element function (2023) Kelz V, Guenser P, Rigo M, Jarochowska E Journal article Challenges and directions in analytical paleobiology (2023) Dillon E, Dunne E, Womack T, Kouvari M, Larina E, Claytor JR, Ivkić A, et al. Journal article Coupling of geographic range and provincialism in Cambrian marine invertebrates (2022) Na L, Kocsis Á, Li Q, Kießling W Journal article Sr/Ca and Ba/Ca ratios support trophic partitioning within a Silurian conodont community from Gotland, Sweden (2022) Terrill DF, Jarochowska E, Henderson CM, Shirley B, Bremer O Journal article Accounting for uncertainty from zero inflation and overdispersion in paleoecological studies of predation using a hierarchical Bayesian framework (2021) Smith J, Handley JC, Dietl GP Journal article Seven rules for simulations in paleobiology (2020) Barido-Sottani J, Saupe EE, Smiley TM, Soul LC, Wright AM, Warnock R Journal article Assessing the impact of incomplete species sampling on estimates of speciation and extinction rates (2020) Warnock RCM, Heath TA, Stadler T Journal article The environmental factors limiting the distribution of shallow-water terebratulid brachiopods (2020) Garcia-Ramos DA, Coric S, Joachimski M, Zuschin M Journal article, Original article
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