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Self‐Assembled Supported Ionic Liquids (2023) Tavera Méndez CL, Bergen A, Trzeciak S, Heinemann FW, Graf R, Zahn D, Meyer K, et al. Journal article Immobilization of Aspergillus sp. laccase on hierarchical silica MFI zeolite with embedded macropores (2023) Tocco D, Wisser D, Fischer M, Schwieger W, Salis A, Hartmann M Journal article Solid-State NMR Spectroscopic Investigation of TiO2 Grown on Silica Nanoparticles by Solution Atomic Layer Deposition (2023) Ding F, Tavera Méndez CL, Grass JP, Crisp R, Barr M, Wisser D Journal article Wetting Behavior and Support Interactions in Imidazolium-Based Supported Ionic Liquid Phase Materials-A Systematic Study by Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (2023) Frosch M, Tavera Méndez CL, Koch AB, Schörner M, Haumann M, Hartmann M, Wisser D Journal article Unravelling the Molecular Structure and Confining Environment of an Organometallic Catalyst Heterogenized within Amorphous Porous Polymers** (2023) Jabbour R, Ashling CW, Robinson TC, Khan AH, Wisser D, Berruyer P, Ghosh AC, et al. Journal article Characterization of functionalized chromatographic silica materials : Coupling water adsorption and intrusion with NMR-relaxometry (2023) Schlumberger C, Cuadrado Collados C, Söllner J, Huber C, Wisser D, Liu HF, Chang CK, et al. Journal article How do zeolite-templated carbons grow? (2022) Aumond T, Batonneau-Gener I, Pouilloux Y, Pinard L, Wisser D, Moreau M, Vezin H, et al. Journal article Influence of support texture and reaction conditions on the accumulation and activity in the gas-phase aldol condensation of n-pentanal on porous silica (2022) Schörner M, Kämmerle S, Wisser D, Baier B, Hartmann M, Thommes M, Franke R, Haumann M Journal article Lattice Modification and Morphological Control of Halide-Substituted yqt-Type Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks Zn3mim5X, with X = F, Br, Cl, or OH (2022) Glante S, Wisser D, Hartmann M, Joos M, Dinnebier RE, Bette S Journal article Continuous Gas-Phase Synthesis of Oxymethylene Dimethyl Ethers Using Supported Ionic Liquid Phase Catalysts (2022) Aubermann M, Haumann M, Wisser D, Wasserscheid P Journal article
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