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Assessment of the Suitability of Selected Linear Actuators for the Implementation of the Load-Adaptive Biological Principle of Redundant Motion Generation (2024) Bartz M, Jüttner M, Halmos F, Uhlich E, Klein M, Drumm P, Dreßler E, et al. Journal article Correlation Analysis of Factors Influencing the Motion Planning Accuracy of Articulated Robots (2023) Kedilioglu O, Nikol M, Walter J, Franke J Conference contribution Tensegrity-Inspired Joint Can Protect from Impacts by Isolating (2023) Walter J, Rothfischer L, Stierstorfer R, Nemoto T, Franke J, Reitelshöfer S Conference contribution Proportional Control of a Soft Cable-Driven Exoskeleton via a Myoelectrical Interface Enables Force-Controlled Finger Motions (2022) Walter J, Roßmanith P, Souza de Oliveira D, Reitelshofer S, Del Vecchio A, Franke J Conference contribution Bringing the new class of cable-driven parallel robots to the world of industrial cyber-physical systems based on RAMI 4.0 (2022) Walter J, Grau S, Raczok T, Reitelshofer S, Franke J Conference contribution Highly Dynamic 2-DOF Cable-Driven Robotic Wrist based on a Novel Topology (2022) Nemoto T, Walter J, Bachmann C, Gerlich M, Reitelshöfer S, Franke J Journal article Cable-driven robotic joint for automated hammering Seilrobotergelenk für automatisiertes Hämmern (2022) Walter J, Nemoto T, Bachmann C, Gerlich M, Reitelshöfer S, Franke J Journal article Hybrid Environment Reconstruction Improving User Experience and Workload in Augmented Virtuality Teleoperation (2021) Blank A, Kosar E, Karlidag E, Guo Q, Kohn S, Sommer O, Walter J, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution