Tensegrity-Inspired Joint Can Protect from Impacts by Isolating

Walter J, Rothfischer L, Stierstorfer R, Nemoto T, Franke J, Reitelshöfer S (2023)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2023

Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media B.V.

Book Volume: 132

Pages Range: 344-354

Conference Proceedings Title: Mechanisms and Machine Science

Event location: Nantes, FRA

ISBN: 9783031323218

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-32322-5_28


Cable-driven parallel robots are known for their highly dynamic motions. At the same time, tensegrity robots are considered to be robust due to their intrinsic compliance. In a previous work, it was shown that a cable-driven joint with a tensegrity-inspired design allows fast rotations. The question remains whether such a joint is not only fast, but could also protect its base link from impacts due to its special design. In this paper, it is shown that a tensegrity-inspired joint can protect from impacts by isolating. A hardware prototype of such a joint was loaded with a modal hammer. It was found that the joint isolates impact forces up to 83%, demonstrating its ability to effectively absorb and dissipate energy from external impacts. Putting the results in a more general context, such a joint, however, can be used not only (a) passively to protect a base link, but also (b) actively for high-speed motions of a follower link by pulling a lightweight mass with parallel attached and actuated cables. It is anticipated that this study could be a starting point for the creation of novel robotic kinematics, composed of conventional and tensegrity kinematics, to build fast and robust robots.

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Walter, J., Rothfischer, L., Stierstorfer, R., Nemoto, T., Franke, J., & Reitelshöfer, S. (2023). Tensegrity-Inspired Joint Can Protect from Impacts by Isolating. In Stéphane Caro, Andreas Pott, Tobias Bruckmann (Eds.), Mechanisms and Machine Science (pp. 344-354). Nantes, FRA: Springer Science and Business Media B.V..


Walter, Jonas, et al. "Tensegrity-Inspired Joint Can Protect from Impacts by Isolating." Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Cable-Driven Parallel Robots, CableCon 2023, Nantes, FRA Ed. Stéphane Caro, Andreas Pott, Tobias Bruckmann, Springer Science and Business Media B.V., 2023. 344-354.

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