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Effects of Adjuvant Exercise and Nutrition Therapy on Muscle Fibre Biomechanics in Gastrointestinal Cancer Patients (2024) Haug M, Schwappacher R, Pollmann C, Ritter P, Michael M, Herrmann HJ, Grützmann R, et al. Journal article Tensorial tomographic Fourier ptychography with applications to muscle tissue imaging (2024) Xu S, Yang X, Ritter P, Dai X, Lee KC, Kreiß L, Zhou KC, et al. Journal article Single fibre cytoarchitecture in ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction (VIDD) assessed by quantitative morphometry second harmonic generation imaging: Positive effects of BGP-15 chaperone co-inducer and VBP-15 dissociative corticosteroid treatment (2023) Mnuskina S, Bauer J, Wirth-Hücking A, Schneidereit D, Nübler S, Ritter P, Cacciani N, et al. Journal article, Original article SEMPAI: a Self-Enhancing Multi-Photon Artificial Intelligence for Prior-Informed Assessment of Muscle Function and Pathology (2023) Mühlberg A, Ritter P, Langer S, Goossens C, Nübler S, Schneidereit D, Taubmann O, et al. Journal article, Original article Redox Balance Differentially Affects Biomechanics in Permeabilized Single Muscle Fibres—Active and Passive Force Assessments with the Myorobot (2022) Michael M, Kovbasyuk L, Ritter P, Reid MB, Friedrich O, Haug M Journal article, Original article Myofibrillar Lattice Remodeling Is a Structural Cytoskeletal Predictor of Diaphragm Muscle Weakness in a Fibrotic mdx (mdx Cmah(-/-)) Model (2022) Ritter P, Nübler S, Buttgereit A, Smith LR, Mühlberg A, Bauer J, Michael M, et al. Journal article, Original article Label-free analysis of inflammatory tissue remodeling in murine lung tissue based on multiphoton microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and machine learning (2022) Kreiß L, Ganzleben I, Mühlberg A, Ritter P, Schneidereit D, Becker C, Neurath M, et al. Journal article, Original article MyoBio: An automated bioreactor system technology for standardized perfusion-decellularization of whole skeletal muscle (2022) Ritter P, Cai A, Reischl B, Fiedler M, Prölß G, Frie B, Kretzschmar E, et al. Journal article, Original article Structure-Function Relationships in Muscle Fibres: MyoRobot Online Assessment of Muscle Fibre Elasticity and Sarcomere Length Distributions (2022) Haug M, Ritter P, Michael M, Reischl B, Schürmann S, Prölß G, Friedrich O Journal article, Original article An advanced optical clearing protocol allows label-free detection of tissue necrosis via multiphoton microscopy in injured whole muscle (2021) Schneidereit D, Broellochs A, Ritter P, Kreiß L, Mokhtari Z, Beilhack A, Krönke G, et al. Journal article, Original article