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Solid-State NMR Spectroscopic Investigation of TiO2 Grown on Silica Nanoparticles by Solution Atomic Layer Deposition (2023) Ding F, Tavera Méndez CL, Grass JP, Crisp R, Barr M, Wisser D Journal article Conductive TiN thin films grown by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition: Effects of N-sources and thermal treatments (2023) Badie C, Tissot H, Sciacca B, Barr M, Bachmann J, Vallée C, Gautier G, et al. Journal article Mechanistic Insight into Solution-Based Atomic Layer Deposition of CuSCN Provided by In Situ and Ex Situ Methods (2023) Hilpert F, Liao PC, Franz E, Koch V, Fromm L, Topraksal E, Görling A, et al. Journal article Direct-Patterning ZnO Deposition by Atomic-Layer Additive Manufacturing Using a Safe and Economical Precursor (2023) Stefanovic S, Gheshlaghi N, Zanders D, Kundrata I, Zhao B, Barr M, Halik M, et al. Journal article Continuous, crystalline Sb2S3 ultrathin light absorber coatings in solar cells based on photonic concentric p-i-n heterojunctions (2022) Büttner P, Scheler F, Döhler D, Barr M, Bosch M, Rey M, Yokosawa T, et al. Journal article, Original article SiO2–GeO2 Glass–Ceramic Flakes as an Anode Material for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries (2022) Esper JD, Maußner F, Romeis S, Zhuo Y, Barr M, Yokosawa T, Spiecker E, et al. Journal article Overcoming Temperature-Induced Degradation of Silver Nanowire Electrodes by an Ag@SnOx Core-Shell Approach (2022) Kalancha V, These A, Vogl L, Levchuk I, Zhou X, Barr M, Bruns M, et al. Journal article Solution Atomic Layer Deposition of Smooth, Continuous, Crystalline Metal-Organic Framework Thin Films (2022) Barr M, Nadiri S, Chen DH, Weidler PG, Bochmann S, Baumgart H, Bachmann J, Redel E Journal article Sb2Se3Thin-Film Growth by Solution Atomic Layer Deposition (2022) Koch V, Charvot J, Cao Y, Hartmann C, Wilks RG, Kundrata I, Minguez Bacho I, et al. Journal article Additive Manufacturing in Atomic Layer Processing Mode (2022) Kundrata I, Barr M, Tymek S, Döhler D, Hudec B, Brüner P, Vanko G, et al. Journal article
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