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Planar π-extended cycloparaphenylenes featuring an all-armchair edge topology (2022) Xiang F, Maisel S, Beniwal S, Akhmetov V, Ruppenstein C, Devarajulu M, Dörr A, et al. Journal article Solid-state construction of zigzag periphery via intramolecular C-H insertion induced by alumina-mediated C-F activation (2021) Feofanov M, Foertsch A, Amsharov K, Akhmetov V Journal article Transition-metal free synthesis of N-aryl carbazoles and their extended analogs (2021) Feofanov M, Akhmetov V, Takayama R, Amsharov K Journal article Catalyst-Free Synthesis of O-Heteroacenes by Ladderization of Fluorinated Oligophenylenes (2021) Feofanov M, Akhmetov V, Takayama R, Amsharov K Journal article Alumina-Mediated π-Activation of Alkynes (2021) Akhmetov V, Feofanov M, Sharapa D, Amsharov K Journal article Folding of fluorinated oligoarylenes into non-alternant PAHs with various topological shapes (2020) Akhmetov V, Foertsch A, Feofanov M, Troyanov S, Amsharov K Journal article Photocyclization of diarylethylenes with a boronate moiety: a useful synthetic tool to soluble PAH building blocks (2020) Feofanov M, Uka A, Akhmetov V, Amsharov K Journal article Alumina-promoted oxodefluorination (2020) Akhmetov V, Feofanov M, Amsharov K Journal article Annulation Cascade of Aryl Alkynes Induced by Alumina-Mediated C-F Bond Activation (2020) Feofanov M, Akhmetov V, Amsharov K Journal article Oxidative Electrocyclization of Diradicaloids: C-C Bonds for Free or How to Use Biradical Character for π-Extension (2020) Feofanov M, Akhmetov V, Sharapa DI, Amsharov K Journal article