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Polymer-derived Biosilicate-C composite foams: In-vitro bioactivity, biocompatibility and antibacterial activity (2024) Dogrul F, Nawaz Q, Elsayed H, Liverani L, Galusek D, Bernardo E, Boccaccini AR Journal article Assessment of in-vitro bioactivity, biodegradability and antibacterial activity of polymer-derived 3D printed åkermanite scaffolds (2023) Dogrul F, Bednarzig V, Elsayed H, Liverani L, Galusek D, Bernardo E, Boccaccini AR Journal article Cotton-wool-like borosilicate glass fibers for tissue regeneration: Preparation, characterization and in vitro bioactivity (2023) Sengupta S, Liverani L, Galusek D, Boccaccini AR Journal article IVM Advances for Early Antral Follicle-Enclosed Oocytes Coupling Reproductive Tissue Engineering to Inductive Influences of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Ovarian Surface Epithelium Coculture (2023) Peserico A, Di Berardino C, Capacchietti G, Camerano Spelta Rapini C, Liverani L, Boccaccini AR, Russo V, et al. Journal article Electrospinning of cotton-like fibers based on cerium-doped sol–gel bioactive glass (2023) Lu HH, Zheng K, Boccaccini AR, Liverani L Journal article Progress on Electrospun Composite Fibers Incorporating Bioactive Glass: An Overview (2023) Ghorbani F, Reiter T, Liverani L, Schubert DW, Boccaccini AR, Roether J Journal article, Review article Poly(ε-caprolactone)/bioactive glass composite electrospun fibers for tissue engineering applications (2023) Piatti E, Miola M, Liverani L, Verné E, Boccaccini AR Journal article Poly(Glycerol Succinate) as Coating Material for 1393 Bioactive Glass Porous Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications (2022) Nakiou EA, Lazaridou M, Pouroutzidou GK, Michopoulou A, Tsamesidis I, Liverani L, Arango Ospina M, et al. Journal article THREE-DEMENSIONAL (3D) BIONTLAIETIC CULTURE ON POLY(EPSILON CAPROLACIONE) (PCL) PATTERNED SCAFFOLDS: A TISSIT ENGINEERING APPROACH TARGETING EARLY STAGE OF FOLLI-CULOGENESIS UP TO OOCYTE MATURATION (2022) Di Berardino C, Peserico A, Liverani L, Capacchietti G, Russo V, Bernabo N, Boccaccini AR, Barboni B Conference contribution Impact of electrospun scaffold topology on the performance of in-vitro Folliculogenesis applied to preantral ovine follicles (2022) Di Berardino C, Liverani L, Capacchietti G, Peserico A, Boccaccini AR, Barboni B Conference contribution