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Simulation Assisted Characterization of Attenuation at Microstrip Transmission Lines fabricated by Laser Direct Structuring (2021) Wang L, Lomakin K, Job A, Süß-Wolf R, Gold G, Franke J Conference contribution Additive Manufacturing of Coplanar Transmission Lines on Alumina Substrate up to 24 GHz using Laser Assisted Selective Metallization (2021) Lomakin K, Wang L, Job A, Süß-Wolf R, Franke J, Helmreich K, Gold G Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Prediction of surface roughness of laser selective metallization of ceramics by multiple linear regression and artificial neural networks approaches (2020) Wang L, Silva L, Süß-Wolf R, Franke J Journal article Innovative signal and power connection solutions for alternative powertrain concepts (2020) Fröhlig S, Piechulek N, Friedlein M, Süß-Wolf R, Schmidt L, Kuhn M, Wang L, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Laser-Associated Selective Metallization of Ceramic Surface With Infrared Nanosecond Laser Technology (2019) Wang L, Fu Z, Süß-Wolf R, Travitzky N, Greil P, Franke J Journal article, Editorial Novel Ceramic-Based Material for the Applications of Molded Interconnect Devices (3D-MID) Based on Laser Direct Structuring (2018) Bachy B, Süß-Wolf R, Wang L, Fu Z, Travitzky N, Greil P, Franke J Journal article Investigation of the laser ablation threshold for optimizing Laser Direct Structuring in the 3D-MID technology (2018) Wang L, Süß-Wolf R, Ulm M, Franke J Conference contribution, Original article