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How product complexity affects consumer adoption of new products: The role of feature heterogeneity and interrelatedness (2023) Fürst A, Pecornik N, Hoyer WD Journal article The role of marketing in new ventures: How marketing activities should be organized in firms' infancy (2023) Fürst A, Gabrielsson M, Gabrielsson P, Prigge JK Journal article Multi-Channel Management and Design: An Analysis of their Impact on Multi-Channel Conflict and Success (2022) Fürst A, Scholl M Journal article Creating Superior Value in the Eyes of the Customer: An Analysis of the Two Generic Value Drivers and Value Paths (2022) Fürst A, Staritz M Journal article Konsum in Zeiten der Coronakrise (2021) Fürst A, Pecornik N Journal article All or Nothing in Sensory Marketing: Must All or Only Some Sensory Attributes Be Congruent With a Product’s Primary Function? (2021) Fürst A, Pecornik N, Binder C Journal article Smart Meter-Angebote: Eine empirische Untersuchung von Kundenpräferenzen (2018) Fürst A, Buß O, Weber V Journal article Addressing a product management's orphan: How to externally implement product eliminations in a B2B setting (2018) Prigge JK, Homburg C, Fürst A Journal article Toward a Differentiated Understanding of the Value-Creation Chain (2017) Kühnl C, Fürst A, Homburg C, Staritz M Journal article Organizational Multichannel Differentiation: An Analysis of Its Impact on Channel Relationships and Company Sales Success (2017) Fürst A, Leimbach M, Prigge JK Journal article
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