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3D bioprinting of mouse pre-osteoblasts and human MSCs using bioinks consisting of gelatin and decellularized bone particles (2024) Kara Özenler A, Distler T, Akkineni AR, Tihminlioglu F, Gelinsky M, Boccaccini AR Journal article 3D printing of piezoelectric and bioactive barium titanate-bioactive glass scaffolds for bone tissue engineering (2023) Polley C, Distler T, Scheufler C, Detsch R, Lund H, Springer A, Schneidereit D, et al. Journal article, Original article Fish scale containing alginate dialdehyde-gelatin bioink for bone tissue engineering (2023) Kara Özenler A, Distler T, Tihminlioglu F, Boccaccini AR Journal article Time-dependent hyper-viscoelastic parameter identification of human articular cartilage and substitute materials (2023) Weizel A, Distler T, Detsch R, Boccaccini AR, Seitz H, Budday S Journal article Hyperelastic parameter identification of human articular cartilage and substitute materials (2022) Weizel A, Distler T, Detsch R, Boccaccini AR, Paulsen F, Seitz H, Budday S, Bräuer L Journal article Biodegradable Polylactide Supraparticle Powders with Functional Additives for Biomedical Additive Manufacturing (2022) Canziani H, Hanschmann B, Tischer F, Sommereyns A, Distler T, Schramm J, Hesse N, et al. Journal article 3D printed gelatin/decellularized bone composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering: Fabrication, characterization and cytocompatibility study (2022) Kara A, Distler T, Polley C, Schneidereit D, Seitz H, Friedrich O, Tihminlioglu F, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Original article 3D Bioprinting of Multifunctional Dynamic Nanocomposite Bioinks Incorporating Cu-Doped Mesoporous Bioactive Glass Nanoparticles for Bone Tissue Engineering (2022) Zhu H, Monavari M, Zheng K, Distler T, Ouyang L, Heid S, Jin Z, et al. Journal article Physico-chemical modification of gelatine for the improvement of 3D printability of oxidized alginate-gelatine hydrogels towards cartilage tissue engineering (2021) Kreller T, Distler T, Heid S, Gerth S, Detsch R, Boccaccini AR Journal article Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Progenitor Cells Produce Distinct Neural 3D In Vitro Models Depending on Alginate/Gellan Gum/Laminin Hydrogel Blend Properties (2021) Kapr J, Petersilie L, Distler T, Lauria I, Bendt F, Sauter CM, Boccaccini AR, et al. Journal article
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