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Comparison of microstructure, sintering behavior, and biological response of sol-gel and melt-derived 13–93 bioactive glass scaffolds (2023) Nawaz Q, de Pablos-Martín A, Contreras Jaimes AT, Scheffler F, Wagner T, Brauer DS, Boccaccini AR Journal article 3D printed neural tissues with in situ optical dopamine sensors (2023) Li J, Reimers A, Dang KM, Brunk MG, Drewes J, Hirsch UM, Willems C, et al. Journal article Etablierung eines Finite-Elemente-Modells zur Darstellung des Patienten-spezifischen Risikos für osteoporotische Frakturen des Sakrums während Alltagsaktivitäten (2023) Mühl C, Jadhav D, Ramakrishnan AN, Schwan S, Klauke F, Hofmann GO, Mendel T Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Material-specific high-resolution table-top extreme ultraviolet microscopy (2022) Eschen W, Loetgering L, Schuster V, Klas R, Kirsche A, Berthold L, Steinert M, et al. Journal article Material-specific ptychographic imaging at 13.5 nm using a high-order harmonic source (2022) Eschen W, Loetgering L, Schuster V, Klas R, Kirsche A, Berthold L, Steinert M, et al. Conference contribution Multi-purpose high-resolution nanoscale table-top ptychography at 13.5 nm (2022) Liu C, Eschen W, Loetgering L, Schuster V, Klas R, Kirsche A, Berthold L, et al. Conference contribution Mapping the elemental and crystalline phase distribution in Cu2+ doped 45S5 bioactive glass upon crystallization (2021) Nawaz Q, De Pablos-Martin A, Berthold L, De Souza E Silva JM, Hurle K, Boccaccini AR Journal article Optical bandgap control in Al2O3/TiO2 heterostructures by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition: Toward quantizing structures and tailored binary oxides (2021) Paul P, Hafiz MG, Schmitt P, Patzig C, Otto F, Fritz T, Tuennermann A, Szeghalmi A Journal article Deep Learning assisted quantitative Assessment of the Porosity in Ag-Sinter joints based on non-destructive acoustic inspection (2021) Brand S, Koegel M, Altmann F, Bach L Conference contribution Deepening our understanding of bioactive glass crystallization using TEM and 3D nano-CT (2021) Contreras Jaimes AT, de Pablos-Martín A, Hurle K, Martins de Souza e Silva J, Berthold L, Kittel T, Boccaccini AR, Brauer DS Journal article