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Location: Trenčín, Slovakia (SK) SK

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Tailorable mechanical and degradation properties of KCl-reticulated and BDDE-crosslinked PCL/chitosan/κ-carrageenan electrospun fibers for biomedical applications: Effect of the crosslinking-reticulation synergy (2024) Vargas-Osorio Z, González Castillo EI, Mutlu N, Vidomanová E, Michálek M, Galusek D, Boccaccini AR Journal article Investigation of catalytic activation of peroxydisulfate on cu-doped mesoporous silica-based particles (Cu-BMS) for efficient degradation of methylene blue (2024) Sajjadi S, Anand A, Beltrán AM, Dvoranová D, Boccaccini AR, Galusková D, Jaška D, Klement R Journal article Polymer-derived Biosilicate-C composite foams: In-vitro bioactivity, biocompatibility and antibacterial activity (2024) Dogrul F, Nawaz Q, Elsayed H, Liverani L, Galusek D, Bernardo E, Boccaccini AR Journal article Bioactivity of radiopaque 45S5 bioactive glass with progressive additions of Bi2O3: A dissolution study under static conditions (2024) Clavijo-Mejía GA, Michálek M, Youssef L, Kaňková H, Galusek D, Boccaccini AR Journal article Assessment of in-vitro bioactivity, biodegradability and antibacterial activity of polymer-derived 3D printed åkermanite scaffolds (2023) Dogrul F, Bednarzig V, Elsayed H, Liverani L, Galusek D, Bernardo E, Boccaccini AR Journal article Cotton-wool-like borosilicate glass fibers for tissue regeneration: Preparation, characterization and in vitro bioactivity (2023) Sengupta S, Liverani L, Galusek D, Boccaccini AR Journal article Influence of Copper-Strontium Co-Doping on Bioactivity, Cytotoxicity and Antibacterial Activity of Mesoporous Bioactive Glass (2022) Anand A, Sengupta S, Kankova H, Svancarkova A, Beltran AM, Galusek D, Boccaccini AR, Galuskova D Journal article Environmentally friendly fabrication of electrospun nanofibers made of polycaprolactone, chitosan and k-carrageenan (PCL/CS/k-C) (2022) Vargas Osorio Z, Ruther F, Chen S, Sengupta S, Liverani L, Michalek M, Galusek D, Boccaccini AR Journal article Bioprinting with bioactive alginate dialdehyde-gelatin (ADA-GEL) composite bioinks: Time-dependent in-situ crosslinking via addition of calcium-silicate particles tunes in vitro stability of 3D bioprinted constructs (2022) Heid S, Becker K, Byun J, Biermann I, Neščáková Z, Zhu H, Groll J, Boccaccini AR Journal article Copper-doped cotton-like malleable electrospun bioactive glass fibers for wound healing applications (2022) Liverani L, Reiter T, Zheng K, Neščáková Z, Boccaccini AR Journal article
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