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Kidney function and other associated factors of sarcopenia in community-dwelling older adults: The SCOPE study (2024) Moreno-González R, Cruzado JM, Corsonello A, Fabbietti P, Tap L, Mattace-Raso F, Ärnlöv J, et al. Journal article Short physical performance battery is not associated with falls and injurious falls in older persons: longitudinal data of the SCOPE project (2024) Freiberger E, Fabbietti P, Corsonello A, Lattanzio F, Sieber C, Tap L, Mattace-Raso F, et al. Journal article Prevalence of Sarcopenia in Chronic Heart Failure and Modulating Role of Chronic Kidney Disease (2024) Formiga F, Moreno-Gónzalez R, Corsonello A, Mattace-Raso F, Carlsson AC, Ärnlöv J, Kostka J, et al. Journal article Quality of Life and Kidney Function in Older Adults: Prospective Data of the SCOPE Study (2023) Artzi-Medvedik R, Kob R, Di Rosa M, Lattanzio F, Corsonello A, Yehoshua I, Roller-Wirnsberger RE, et al. Journal article Physical activity and exercise for the prevention and management of mild cognitive impairment and dementia: a collaborative international guideline (2023) Veronese N, Soysal P, Demurtas J, Solmi M, Bruyère O, Christodoulou N, Ramalho R, et al. Journal article Inflammaging and Blood Pressure Profiles in Late Life: The Screening for CKD among Older People across Europe (SCOPE) Study (2022) Tap L, Corsonello A, Di Rosa M, Fabbietti P, Formiga F, Moreno-Gonzalez R, Arnlov J, et al. Journal article, Original article Transient versus stable nature of fear of falling over 24 months in community-older persons with falls- data of the EU SCOPE project on Kidney function (2022) Freiberger E, Fabbietti P, Corsonello A, Lattanzio F, Artzi-Medvedik R, Kob R, Melzer I, Britting S Journal article The relevance of geriatric assessments on the association between chronic kidney disease stages and mortality among older people: a secondary analysis of a multicentre cohort study (2022) Corsonello A, Soraci L, Arnlov J, Carlsson AC, Roller-Wirnsberger RE, Wirnsberger G, Mattace-Raso F, et al. Journal article Multicomponent intervention to prevent mobility disability in frail older adults: randomised controlled trial (SPRINTT project) (2022) Bernabei R, Landi F, Calvani R, Cesari M, Del Signore S, Anker SD, Bejuit R, et al. Journal article Gait characteristics in community-dwelling older persons with low skeletal muscle mass and low physical performance (2022) Longobucco Y, Krumpoch S, Lauretani F, Angileri V, Sieber C, Marzetti E, Calvani R, et al. Journal article
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