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Sex-specific pleiotropic changes in emotional behavior and alcohol consumption in human α-synuclein A53T transgenic mice during early adulthood (2024) Kalinichenko L, Kohl Z, Mühle C, Hassan Z, Hahn A, Schmitt EM, Macht K, et al. Journal article Mitragynine (Kratom)—Withdrawal behaviour and cognitive impairments can be ameliorated by an epigenetic mechanism (2024) Yunusa S, Müller CP, Hassan Z Journal article The dopamine D1 receptor antagonist SCH-23390 blocks the acquisition, but not expression of mitragynine-induced conditioned place preference in rats (2023) Japarin RA, Harun N, Hassan Z, Müller CP Journal article The role of AMPA and NMDA receptors in mitragynine effects on hippocampal synaptic plasticity (2023) Effendy MA, Yunusa S, Mat NH, Has ATC, Müller CP, Hassan Z Journal article Corrigendum to “Cross-reinstatement of mitragynine and morphine place preference in rats” [Behav. Brain Res. 399 (2021) 113021] (Behavioural Brain Research (2021) 399, (S0166432820307208), (10.1016/j.bbr.2020.113021)) (2023) Japarin RA, Yusoff NH, Hassan Z, Müller CP, Harun N Journal article, Erratum Insights into the Pathophysiology of Alzheimer's Disease and Potential Therapeutic Targets: A Current Perspective (2023) Kumaran KR, Yunusa S, Perimal E, Wahab H, Müller CP, Hassan Z Journal article, Review article Mitragynine inhibits hippocampus neuroplasticity and its molecular mechanism (2023) Yunusa S, Hassan Z, Müller CP Journal article The effect of mitragynine on extracellular activity of brain dopamine and its metabolites (2022) Yusoff NH, Hassan Z, Murugaiyah V, Müller CP Journal article Mitragynine (Kratom)-Induced Cognitive Impairments in Mice Resemble delta 9-THC and Morphine Effects: Reversal by Cannabinoid CB1 Receptor Antagonism (2021) Iman IN, Ahmad NAZ, Yusof NAM, Talib UN, Norazit A, Kumar J, Mehat MZ, et al. Journal article Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Clonidine Attenuate Mitragynine Withdrawal in Rats (2021) Hassan R, Sreenivasan S, Muller CP, Hassan Z Journal article