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Location: Brno (Brünn), Czech Republic (CZ) CZ

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A New Immortalized Human Lacrimal Gland Cell Line (2024) Gleixner S, Zahn I, Dietrich J, Singh S, Drobny A, Schneider Y, Schwendner R, et al. Journal article Exploring digital speech biomarkers of hypokinetic dysarthria in a multilingual cohort (2024) Kovac D, Mekyska J, Aharonson V, Harar P, Galaz Z, Rapcsak S, Orozco-Arroyave JR, et al. Journal article Metrics reloaded: recommendations for image analysis validation (2024) Maier-Hein L, Reinke A, Godau P, Tizabi MD, Buettner F, Christodoulou E, Glocker B, et al. Journal article Type 1 Autoimmune Pancreatitis in Europe: Clinical Profile and Response to Treatment (2024) Overbeek KA, Poulsen JL, Lanzillotta M, Vinge-Holmquist O, Macinga P, Demirci AF, Sindhunata DP, et al. Journal article Understanding individual psychological and behavioral responses during COVID-19: Application of stimulus-organism-response model (2023) Mladenović D, Todua N, Pavlović-Höck N Journal article Exposure to flame retardants in European children - Results from the HBM4EU aligned studies. (2023) Van Der Schyff V, Kalina J, Govarts E, Gilles L, Schoeters G, Castano A, Esteban-Lopez M, et al. Journal article, Review article Single Versus Double Induction with "7+3" Containing 60 Versus 90 Mg Daunorubicin for Newly Diagnosed AML: Results from the Randomized Controlled SAL Dauno-Double Trial (2022) Roellig C, Steffen B, Schliemann C, Mikesch JH, Alakel N, Herbst R, Haenel M, et al. Conference contribution Treatment and Disease Characteristics of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in Blast Crisis: The European Leukemianet Blast Crisis Registry (2022) Brioli A, Lomaia E, Fabisch C, Sacha T, Klamova H, Morozova E, Golos A, et al. Conference contribution The Use of Assisted Reproductive Technology by European Childhood Cancer Survivors (2022) Borgmann-Staudt A, Michael S, Sommerhaeuser G, Fernandez-Gonzalez MJ, Friedrich LA, Klco-Brosius S, Kepak T, et al. Journal article Ferruginous coated grains of microbial origin from the Lower Devonian (Pragian) of the Prague Basin (Czech Republic) – Petrological and geochemical perspective (2022) Vodrážková S, Kumpan T, Vodrážka R, Frýda J, Čopjaková R, Koubová M, Munnecke A, et al. Journal article