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Phase Difference Based Precise Indoor Tracking of Common Mobile Devices Using an Iterative Holographic Extended Kalman Filter (2022) Brückner S, Sippel E, Lipka M, Geiß J, Vossiek M Journal article, Original article HICSS-52 Minitrack Personal Health and Wellness Management with Technologies (2019) Bodendorf F, Wickramasinghe N, Tuan Huy Ma Conference contribution Hybrid integration of scalable mechanical and magnetophoretic focusing for magnetic flow cytometry (2018) Reisbeck M, Richter L, Helou MJ, Arlinghaus S, Anton B, van Dommelen I, Nitzsche M, et al. Journal article, Original article Label-free, high-throughput detection of P-falciparum infection in sphered erythrocytes with digital holographic microscopy (2018) Ugele M, Weniger M, Leidenberger M, Huang Y, Bassler M, Friedrich O, Kappes B, et al. Journal article Label-Free High-Throughput Leukemia Detection by Holographic Microscopy (2018) Ugele M, Weniger M, Stanzel M, Bassler M, Krause S, Friedrich O, Hayden O, Richter L Journal article Investigating subsurface damages in semiconductor–insulator–semiconductor solar cells with THz spectroscopy (2017) Blumroeder U, Hempel H, Fuechsel K, Hoyer P, Bingel A, Eichberger R, Unold T, Nolte S Journal article Influence of structure geometry on THz emission from Black Silicon surfaces fabricated by reactive ion etching (2017) Blumroder U, Zilk M, Hempel H, Hoyer P, Pertsch T, Eichberger R, Unold T, Nolte S Journal article Microstructured piezoceramic and fibre composite transducers for active semi-finished products (2013) Müller M, Peter S, Berg S, Heinrich M, Walther M, Hohlfeld K, Heberle J, et al. Conference contribution, Original article SEIS - Sicherheit in Eingebetteten IP-Basierten Systemen (2010) Glaß M, Herrscher D, Piastowski M, Meier H, Schoo P Journal article