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Robot-assisted concept for assembling form coils in laminated stator cores of large electric motors (2019) Mahr A, Mayr A, Jung T, Franke J Journal article Investigation of the tribological behavior of car body parts in series production (2019) Hansen B, Purr S, Meinhardt J, Merklein M Conference contribution Analysing resistance element welding with upset auxiliary joining steel-elements under shear load (2019) Meinhardt M, Endres M, Graf M, Lechner M, Merklein M Conference contribution Improving process reliability by means of detection of weld seam irregularities in copper via thermographic process monitoring (2019) Schaumberger K, Beck M, Saffer J, Kaufmann F, Ermer J, Roth S, Schmidt M Conference contribution Flexible rolling of rotational symmetric tailored blanks with a two-sided thickness profile (2019) Vogel M, Merklein M Conference contribution Improving the energy efficiency of industrial drying processes: a computational fluid dynamics approach (2019) Hoffmann C, Praß J, Uhlemann T, Franke J Journal article Configuration based process and knowledge management by structuring the software landscape of global operating industrial enterprises with microservices (2018) Schäffer E, Leibinger H, Stamm A, Brossog M, Franke J Journal article, Online publication A multi-physics simulation approach for energy and cost analysis during the deceleration of high-speed trains (2018) Meinel D, Javied T, Rast S, Zipp C, Franke J Conference contribution Analysis of combined extrusion micro coining process to manufacture microstructured tappets (2018) Zahner M, Merklein M Journal article Investigation of the influence of tool-sided parameters on deformation and occurring tool loads in shear-clinching processes (2018) Han D, Hörhold R, Wiesenmayer S, Merklein M, Meschut G Journal article
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