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Shape Optimization of a Backward Extrusion Process Using a Non-Invasive Form Finding Algorithm (2020) Caspari M, Landkammer P, Steinmann P Journal article, Review article A human-cyber-physical system approach to lean automation using an industrie 4.0 reference architecture (2020) Pantano M, Regulin D, Lutz B, Lee D Conference contribution Smart use case picking with DUCAR: A hands-on approach for a successful integration of machine learning in production processes (2020) Schäfer F, Mayr A, Schwulera E, Franke J Conference contribution Process design for the forming of semi-tubular self-piercing rivets made of high nitrogen steel. (2020) Kuball CM, Uhe B, Meschut G, Merklein M Journal article, Original article Enhancement of the Forming Limits for Orbital Formed Tailored Blanks by Local Short-term Heat Treatment (2020) Hetzel A, Merklein M, Lechner M Journal article, Original article Investigation of the Springback Behaviour of High-strength Aluminium Alloys Based on Cross Profile Deep Drawing Tests (2020) Hetz P, Suttner S, Merklein M Conference contribution Media-Tight Polymer-Polymer Assemblies By Means of Sintered Powder Layer in Assembly Injection Moulding (2020) Ott C, Wolf M, Drummer D Journal article, Original article Influence of the Structuring-Tool Geometry on Form-Fit Joining by Use of Pin-Like Structures in Vibration Welding (2020) Wolf M, Drummer D Journal article, Original article Milling of Ti6Al4V with carbon dioxide as carrier medium for minimum quantity lubrication with different oils (2020) Gross D, Blauhöfer M, Hanenkamp N Journal article, Original article Experimental investigation of tool-sided surface modifications for dry deep drawing processes at the tool radii area (2019) Krachenfels K, Rothammer B, Tremmel S, Merklein M Journal article, Online publication
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