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Process design and evaluation for the automation of interphase insulation for distributed windings (2021) Mahr A, Kneidl M, Regler J, Franke J Journal article, Original article Influence of a local short-term heat treatment on the formability of orbital formed functional components (2021) Hetzel A, Merklein M, Lechner M Journal article, Original article Influence of the forming induced hardening on the wear behavior of aluminum gears within a metal-plastic material pairing and targeted adaption (2021) Rohrmoser A, Hagenah H, Merklein M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution A systematic approach for planning, analyzing and evaluating internal material provision (2021) Herbert M, Heinlein P, Fuerst J, Franke J Conference contribution Environment representation and path planning for unmanned aircraft in industrial indoor applications (2021) Lieret M, Kalenberg M, Hofmann C, Franke J Conference contribution Cost engineering in practice – Empirical investigation of cost calculation tools (2021) Lutz M, Bodendorf F, Stepanek N, Franke J Conference contribution, Original article Benchmark of automated machine learning with state-of-the-art image segmentation algorithms for tool condition monitoring (2020) Lutz B, Reisch R, Kißkalt D, Avci B, Regulin D, Knoll A, Franke J Journal article, Original article A lightweight, low-cost and self-diagnosing mechatronic jaw gripper for the aerial picking with unmanned aerial vehicles (2020) Lieret M, Lukas J, Nikol M, Franke J Journal article Investigation of thermal effects during ultrasonic-assisted upsetting (2020) Jäckisch M, Merklein M Journal article Analysis of the stress state in non-axially symmetrical cold forging dies (2020) Killmann M, Merklein M Journal article, Original article
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