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Radiotherapy orchestrates natural killer cell dependent antitumor immune responses through CXCL8 (2022) Walle T, Kraske JA, Liao B, Lenoir B, Timke C, Halbach EVBU, Tran F, et al. Journal article An oomycete NLP cytolysin forms transient small pores in lipid membranes (2022) Pirc K, Clifton LA, Yilmaz N, Saltalamacchia A, Mally M, Snoj T, Žnidaršič N, et al. Journal article Structural insights into ligand recognition, activation, and signaling of the α2Aadrenergic receptor (2022) Xu J, Cao S, Hübner H, Weikert D, Chen G, Lu Q, Yuan D, et al. Journal article Limpet teeth microstructure unites auxeticity with extreme strength and high stiffness (2022) Oh SH, Kim JK, Liu Y, Wurmshuber M, Peng XL, Seo J, Jeong J, et al. Journal article, Original article Quantum computational advantage via high-dimensional Gaussian boson sampling (2022) Deshpande A, Mehta A, Vincent T, Quesada N, Hinsche M, Ioannou M, Madsen L, et al. Journal article Local contractions regulate E-cadherin rigidity sensing (2022) Yang YA, Nguyen E, Narayana GHNS, Heuzé M, Fu C, Yu H, Mège RM, et al. Journal article Crystal graph attention networks for the prediction of stable materials (2021) Schmidt J, Pettersson L, Verdozzi C, Botti S, Marques MAL Journal article Mechanics of colloidal supraparticles under compression (2021) Wang J, Schwenger J, Feldner P, Ströbel A, Herre P, Romeis S, Peukert W, et al. Journal article, Original article Topological magnon insulators in two-dimensional van der Waals ferromagnets CrSiTe3 and CrGeTe3: Toward intrinsic gap-tunability (2021) Zhu F, Zhang L, Wang X, Dos Santos FJ, Song J, Mueller T, Schmalzl K, et al. Journal article Dynamic changes in genomic and social structures in third millennium BCE central Europe (2021) Papac L, Ernee M, Dobes M, Langova M, Rohrlach AB, Aron F, Neumann GU, et al. Journal article
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