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Nonreciprocal vortex isolator via topology-selective stimulated Brillouin scattering (2022) Zeng X, Russell PSJ, Wolff C, Frosz MH, Wong GK, Stiller B Journal article A single intravenous injection of cyclosporin A-loaded lipid nanocapsules prevents retinopathy of prematurity (2022) Bohley M, Dillinger AE, Schweda F, Ohlmann A, Braunger BM, Tamm ER, Goepferich A Journal article Electrochemiluminescence in paired signal electrode (ECLipse) enables modular and scalable biosensing (2022) Cho YK, Kim H, Benard A, Woo HK, Czubayko F, David P, Hansen F, et al. Journal article Diamond formation kinetics in shock-compressed C─H─O samples recorded by small-angle x-ray scattering and x-ray diffraction (2022) He Z, Rödel M, Lütgert J, Bergermann A, Bethkenhagen M, Chekrygina D, Cowan TE, et al. Journal article Light-field–driven electronics in the mid-infrared regime: Schottky rectification (2022) Schlecht MT, Knorr M, Schmid C, Malzer S, Huber R, Weber HB Journal article, Letter Enantiosensitive steering of free-induction decay (2022) Khokhlova M, Pisanty E, Patchkovskii S, Smirnova O, Ivanov M Journal article Atomic Sn–enabled high-utilization, large-capacity, and long-life Na anode (2022) Xu F, Qu C, Lu Q, Meng J, Zhang X, Xu X, Qiu Y, et al. Journal article Nematic suspension of a microporous layered silicate obtained by forceless spontaneous delamination via repulsive osmotic swelling for casting high-barrier all-inorganic films (2022) Loch P, Schuchardt D, Algara-Siller G, Markus P, Ottermann K, Rosenfeldt S, Lunkenbein T, et al. Journal article Isotope-selective pore opening in a flexible metal-organic framework (2022) Bondorf L, Fiorio JL, Bon V, Zhang L, Maliuta M, Ehrling S, Senkovska I, et al. Journal article Paleozoic origins of cheilostome bryozoans and their parental care inferred by a new genome-skimmed phylogeny (2022) Orr RJ, Martino ED, Ramsfjell MH, Gordon DP, Berning B, Chowdhury I, Craig S, et al. Journal article