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Tumor cell-intrinsic PD-1 promotes Merkel cell carcinoma growth by activating downstream mTOR-mitochondrial ROS signaling (2024) Martins C, Rasbach E, Heppt MV, Singh P, Kulcsar Z, Holzgruber J, Chakraborty A, et al. Journal article An energy costly architecture of neuromodulators for human brain evolution and cognition (2023) Castrillon G, Epp S, Bose A, Fraticelli L, Hechler A, Belenya R, Ranft A, et al. Journal article Severe hematotoxicity after CD19 CAR-T therapy is associated with suppressive immune dysregulation and limited CAR-T expansion (2023) Rejeski K, Perez A, Iacoboni G, Blumenberg V, Bücklein VL, Völkl S, Penack O, et al. Journal article Matrix metalloproteinase-3 (MMP-3)-mediated gene therapy for glaucoma (2023) O'Callaghan J, Delaney C, O'Connor M, van Batenburg-Sherwood J, Schicht M, Lütjen-Drecoll E, Hudson N, et al. Journal article Proteolytic processing of galectin-3 by meprin metalloproteases is crucial for host-microbiome homeostasis (2023) Bülck C, Nyström EE, Koudelka T, Mannbar-Frahm M, Andresen G, Radhouani M, Tran F, et al. Journal article Mechanism of KMT5B haploinsufficiency in neurodevelopment in humans and mice (2023) Sheppard SE, Bryant L, Wickramasekara RN, Vaccaro C, Robertson B, Hallgren J, Hulen J, et al. Journal article Magnon scattering modulated by omnidirectional hopfion motion in antiferromagnets for meta-learning (2023) Zhang Z, Lin K, Zhang Y, Bournel A, Xia K, Klaeui M, Zhao W Journal article Ribonucleotide reductase regulatory subunit M2 drives glioblastoma TMZ resistance through modulation of dNTP production (2023) Perrault EN, Shireman JM, Ali ES, Lin P, Preddy I, Park C, Budhiraja S, et al. Journal article Pump-probe spectroscopy of chiral vibrational dynamics (2022) Tikhonov DS, Blech A, Leibscher M, Greenman L, Schnell M, Koch C Journal article Nucleation as a rate-determining step in catalytic gas generation reactions from liquid phase systems (2022) Solymosi T, Geißelbrecht M, Mayer S, Auer M, Leicht P, Terlinden M, Malgaretti P, et al. Journal article