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Sharpening emitter localization in front of a tuned mirror (2018) Heil HS, Schreiber B, Goetz R, Emmerling M, Dabauvalle MC, Krohne G, Hoefling S, et al. Journal article Looking at sound: optoacoustics with all-optical ultrasound detection (2018) Wissmeyer G, Pleitez MA, Rosenthal A, Ntziachristos V Journal article, Review article Optoacoustic microscopy at multiple discrete frequencies (2018) Kellnberger S, Soliman D, Tserevelakis GJ, Seeger M, Yang H, Karlas A, Prade L, et al. Journal article Four-dimensional light shaping: manipulating ultrafast spatiotemporal foci in space and time (2018) Sun B, Salter P, Roider C, Jesacher A, Strauß J, Heberle J, Schmidt M, Booth MJ Journal article, Original article Optical prediction of single muscle fiber force production using a combined biomechatronics and second harmonic generation imaging approach (2018) Schneidereit D, Nübler S, Prölß G, Reischl B, Schürmann S, Müller OJ, Friedrich O Journal article, Original article The fabrication of color-tunable organic light-emitting diode displays via solution processing (2017) Guo F, Karl A, Xue Q, Tam KC, Forberich K, Brabec C Journal article Optical imaging of post-embryonic zebrafish using multi orientation raster scan optoacoustic mesoscopy (2017) Omar M, Rebling J, Wicker K, Schmitt-Manderbach T, Schwarz M, Gateau J, Lopez-Schier H, et al. Journal article Functional optoacoustic neuro-tomography for scalable whole-brain monitoring of calcium indicators (2016) Dean-Ben XL, Sela G, Lauri A, Kneipp M, Ntziachristos V, Westmeyer GG, Shoham S, Razansky D Journal article
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