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Absolute characterization of high numerical aperture microscope objectives utilizing a dipole scatterer (2021) Eismann JS, Neugebauer M, Mantel K, Banzer P Journal article Synthesis and dissociation of soliton molecules in parallel optical-soliton reactors (2021) He W, Pang M, Yeh DH, Huang J, Russell PSJ Journal article Coherent suppression of backscattering in optical microresonators (2020) Svela AO, Silver JM, Del Bino L, Zhang S, Woodley MTM, Vanner MR, Del'Haye P Journal article Spatial heterogeneity of oxygenation and haemodynamics in breast cancer resolved in vivo by conical multispectral optoacoustic mesoscopy (2020) Li J, Chekkoury A, Prakash J, Glasl S, Vetschera P, Koberstein-Schwarz B, Olefir I, et al. Journal article Limits of topological protection under local periodic driving (2019) Fedorova (Cherpakova) Z, Joerg C, Dauer C, Letscher F, Fleischhauer M, Eggert S, Linden S, Von Freymann G Journal article Experimental demonstration of linear and spinning Janus dipoles for polarisation- and wavelength-selective near-field coupling (2019) Picardi MF, Neugebauer M, Eismann JS, Leuchs G, Banzer P, Rodriguez-Fortuno FJ, Zayats AV Journal article GOBO projection for 3D measurements at highest frame rates: a performance analysis (2018) Heist S, Dietrich P, Landmann M, Kuehmstedt P, Notni G, Tuennermann A Journal article Boosting third-harmonic generation by a mirror-enhanced anapole resonator (2018) Xu L, Rahmani M, Kamali KZ, Lamprianidis A, Ghirardini L, Sautter J, Camacho-Morales R, et al. Journal article Modal energy transfer by thermally induced refractive index gratings in Yb-doped fibers (2018) Stihler C, Jauregui C, Tuennermann A, Limpert J Journal article Watt-scale super-octave mid-infrared intrapulse difference frequency generation (2018) Gaida C, Gebhardt M, Heuermann T, Stutzki F, Jauregui C, Antonio-Lopez J, Schulzgen A, et al. Journal article
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