Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

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Publisher: Elsevier

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Selective absorption of Carbon Nanotube thin films for solar energy applications (2015) Abendroth T, Althues H, Maeder G, Haertel P, Kaskel S, Beyer E Journal article Investigation of the short-circuit current increase for PV modules using halved silicon wafer solar cells (2015) Guo S, Schneider J, Lu F, Hanifi H, Turek M, Dyrba M, Peters IM Journal article Investigation of pentaarylazafullerenes as acceptor systems for bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells (2015) Wessendorf CD, Eigler R, Eigler S, Hanisch J, Hirsch A, Ahlswede E Journal article, Original article Series vs parallel connected organic tandem solar cells: Cell performance and impact on the design and operation of functional modules (2014) Etxebarria I, Furlan A, Ajuria J, Fecher FW, Voigt M, Brabec C, Wienk MM, et al. Journal article, Original article Large area slot-die coated organic solar cells on flexible substrates with non-halogenated solution formulations (2014) Machui F, Lucera L, Spyropoulos G, Cordero J, Ali AS, Kubis P, Ameri T, et al. Journal article, Original article Quantitative imaging of shunts in organic photovoltaic modules using lock-in thermography (2014) Besold S, Hoyer U, Bachmann J, Swonke T, Schilinsky P, Steim R, Brabec C Journal article, Original article The influence of defects on the cellular open circuit voltage in CuInGaSe2 thin film solar modules-An illuminated lock-in thermography study (2014) Adams J, Vetter A, Hoga F, Fecher F, Theisen JP, Brabec C, Buerhop-Lutz C Journal article Photoluminescence analysis of coupling effects: The impact of shunt resistance and temperature (2014) Paraskeva V, Lazarou C, Hadjipanayi M, Norton M, Pravettoni M, Georghiou GE, Heilmann M, Christiansen S Journal article Enhanced light trapping in polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells using plasma-etched submicron textures (2014) Huang Y, Sahraei N, Widenborg PI, Peters IM, Dalapati GK, Iskander A, Aberle AG Journal article Towards large-scale production of solution-processed organic tandem modules based on ternary composites: Design of the intermediate layer, device optimization and laser based module processing (2014) Li N, Kubis P, Forberich K, Ameri T, Krebs FC, Brabec C Journal article, Original article
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