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How speaking versus writing to conversational agents shapes consumer`s choice and choice satisfaction (2023) Schindler D, Maiberger T, Koschate-Fischer N, Hoyer WD Journal article, Review article How product complexity affects consumer adoption of new products: The role of feature heterogeneity and interrelatedness (2023) Fürst A, Pecornik N, Hoyer WD Journal article Let’s face it: When and how facial emojis increase the persuasiveness of electronic word of mouth (2023) Maiberger T, Schindler D, Koschate-Fischer N Journal article, Review article The role of marketing in new ventures: How marketing activities should be organized in firms' infancy (2023) Fürst A, Gabrielsson M, Gabrielsson P, Prigge JK Journal article Do life events always lead to change in purchase? The mediating role of change in consumer innovativeness, the variety seeking tendency, and price consciousness (2018) Koschate-Fischer N, Hoyer WD, Stokburger-Sauer NE, Engling J Journal article, Original article When will Price Increases associated with Company Donations to Charity be Perceived as fair? (2016) Koschate-Fischer N, Huber I, Hoyer WD Journal article Incumbents' Defense Strategies: A Comparison of Deterrence and Shakeout Strategy (2013) Homburg C, Fürst A, Ehrmann T, Scheinker E Journal article The effect of shipping fee structure on consumers’ online evaluations and choice (2012) Koukova NT, Srivastava J, Steul-Fischer M Journal article Ensuring International Competitiveness: a Configurative Approach to Foreign Marketing Subsidiaries (2012) Homburg C, Fürst A, Kühnl C Journal article A Customer Perspective on Product Eliminations: How the Removal of Products Affects Customers and Business Relationships (2010) Homburg C, Fürst A, Prigge JK Journal article