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Publisher: Institute of Physics: Hybrid Open Access

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Structural investigation of triangular defects in 4H-SiC epitaxial layers as nucleation source for bar shaped stacking faults (BSSFs) (2023) Kodolitsch E, Kabakow A, Sodan V, Krieger M, Weber HB, Tsavdaris N Journal article Intrinsic color centers in 4H-silicon carbide formed by heavy ion implantation and annealing (2021) Kobayashi T, Rühl M, Lehmeyer J, Zimmermann L, Krieger M, Weber HB Journal article, Letter Pressure-driven collective growth mechanism of planar cell colonies. (2018) Metzner C, Lange J, Krauß P, Wunderling N, Übelacker J, Martin F, Fabry B Journal article Structural organisation and dynamics in king penguin colonies (2018) Gerum R, Richter S, Fabry B, Le Bohec C, Bonadonna F, Nesterova A, Paranhos Zitterbart D Journal article SMA foil-based elastocaloric cooling: From material behavior to device engineering (2017) Bruederlin F, Ossmer H, Wendler F, Miyazaki S, Kohl M Journal article, Original article Enhancing the operational range of piezoelectric actuators by uniaxial compressive preloading (2015) Koruza J, Franzbach DJ, Schader FH, Rojas V, Webber KG Journal article Optical properties of vertical, tilted and in-plane GaN nanowires on different crystallographic orientations of sapphire (2014) Tessarek C, Figge S, Gust A, Heilmann M, Dieker C, Spiecker E, Christiansen S Journal article Polarization features of optically pumped CdS nanowire lasers (2014) Roeder R, Ploss D, Kriesch A, Buschlinger R, Geburt S, Peschel U, Ronning C Journal article Quasi-freestanding epitaxial graphene transistor with silicon nitride top gate (2014) Wehrfritz P, Fromm F, Malzer S, Seyller T Journal article Modelling of electron beam absorption in complex geometries (2014) Klassen A, Bauereiß A, Körner C Journal article, Original article