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Qualification of Direct Diode Lasers for Laser Beam Welding in Order to Enhance Process Efficiency (2018) Schaumberger K, Moedl M, Mann V, Roth S, Schmidt M Journal article Investigation of Carbon Dioxide Based Blasting Technologies as Cryogenic Deburring Method for Titanium Alloy and Stainless Steel (2018) Gross D, Heinz A, Amon S, Meier T, Schmand R, Hanenkamp N Journal article, Original article Defining Batches under Consideration of Quality-Related Factors for Improved Failure and Scrap Analysis (2018) Baier L, Spindler S, Wacker M, Franke J, Schuderer P Journal article Theoretical Investigation of the Influence of Different Chamber Geometries on the Agglomeration Capacity of Carbon Dioxide (2017) Gross D, Ferguson N, Amon S, Hanenkamp N Journal article Model of a Power-to-Gas System with Fuel Cell in a Mixed Integer Linear Program for the Energy Supply of Residential and Commercial Buildings (2017) Ebell N, Bott A, Beck T, Bürner J, Praß J, Franke J Journal article Assessment of Process Improvement Potential of Carbon Dioxide as a Cryogenic for Machining Operations (2017) Gross D, Hanenkamp N, Heinz A, Ebner M Journal article Semantic Meta Model for the Description of Resource and Energy Data in the Energy Data Management Cycle (2017) Brandmeier MA, Brossog M, Franke J Journal article Investigation of drag reduction due to dimpled surfaces in narrow channels by means of flow simulations (2017) Praß J, Franke J, Becker S Journal article Numerical Evaluation of Heat Transfer from Rotating Discs Separated by Sealing Elements (2017) Praß J, Reinelt M, Franke J, Becker S Journal article Investments in the Optimization of Energy Efficiency - A Comparative Study (2016) Brandmeier MA, Krinner A, Franke J Journal article
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