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Research on the Influence of Geometry and Positioning on Laser Sintered Parts (2015) Launhardt M, Fischer C, Drummer D Journal article, Original article Influence of Processing Parameters in Reaction Injection Foam Molding on for Multi-Layer Parts on Foam Structure and Mechanical Properties (2015) Löhner MJ, Drummer D Journal article, Original article A Comprehensive Study on the Automation Potentials and Complexities of Advanced and Alternative Die-Attach Technologies for Power Electronic Applications (2015) Syed Khaja AH, Kästle C, Müller M, Franke J Journal article Energy Planning of Manufacturing Systems with Methods-Energy Measurement (MEM) and Multi-Domain Simulation Approach (2014) Bornschlegl M, Paryanto P, Spahr M, Kreitlein S, Bregulla M, Franke J Journal article, Report Energy controlling - Analysis and evaluation of energy measuring equipment for the purpose of energy transparency in production plants (2014) Rackow T, Javied T, Geith T, Schuderer P, Franke J Conference contribution Development of an adjustable measuring system for electrical consumptions in production (2014) Spreng S, Kohl J, Franke J Conference contribution E|Benchmark - Approaches and methods for assessing the energy efficiency of the industrial automated product manufacturing (2014) Kreitlein S, Rackow T, Franke J Conference contribution Identification of energy consumption and energy saving potentials of electric drive systems (2014) Javied T, Kreitlein S, Esfandyari A, Franke J Conference contribution Influence of temperature and wavelength on optical behavior of copper alloys (2014) Mann V, Hugger F, Roth S, Schmidt M Conference contribution Lean information management of manual assembly processes: Creating it-based information systems for assembly staff simultaneous to the product engineering process (2013) Lušić M, Hornfeck R, Fischer C, Franke J Conference contribution
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