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Analysing the Tribological Behaviour of DLC-Coated Dry-Running Deep Groove Ball Bearings with Regard to the Ball Material (2016) Kröner J, Kursawe S, Musayev Y, Tremmel S Journal article, Original article Efficient and noise reduced design of a side channel blower considering psychoacoustic evaluation criteria (2016) Münsterjohann S, Zenger F, Becker S Journal article Efficient and noise reduced design of axial fans considering psychoacoustic evaluation criteria (2016) Zenger F, Münsterjohann S, Becker S Journal article Development and Testing of Air Foil Bearing System for an Automotive Exhaust Gas Turbocharger (2016) Borchert U, Delgado A, Szymczyk JA Journal article GreenBearings – Friction Behaviour of DLC-Coated Dry Running Deep Groove Ball Bearings (2015) Kröner J, Tremmel S, Kursawe S, Musayev Y, Hosenfeldt T, Wartzack S Journal article, Original article Numerical investigations on the influence of process parameters on the forming of gears in forward extrusion (2015) Merklein M, Kiener C, Zimmermann A Journal article Influence of Pre-Strain and Simulated Paint-Bake on Mechanical Properties of High Strength Aluminium Alloy AA7020 (2015) Merklein M, Degner J Journal article New process strategies to manufacture tailored blanks out of DP600 by orbital forming (2015) Hildenbrand P, Schulte RK, Merklein M Journal article Tool System for Ultrasonic-Assisted Forming and Material Characterisation with 15 kHz Oscillation Frequency (2015) Michalski M, Leicht U, Engler S, Merklein M Journal article Analysis of Effectiveness of Locally Adapted Tribological Conditions for Improving Product Quality in Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming (2015) Löffler M, Gröbel D, Engel U, Andreas K, Merklein M Journal article
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