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Interferometric grazing incidence test of rough steep convex spherical and aspherical surfaces: First simulations and experimental proof of principle (2019) Rothau S, Lindlein N, Schwider J Journal article Simultaneous measurement of phase transmission and linear or circular dichroism of an object under test (2019) Rothau S, Rao X, Lindlein N Journal article, Original article Simultaneous measurement of phase transmission and birefringence of an object under test (2018) Rothau S, Mantel K, Lindlein N Journal article High-speed combustion diagnostics in a rapid compression machine by broadband supercontinuum absorption spectroscopy (2017) Werblinski T, Fendt P, Zigan L, Will S Journal article, Original article Supercontinuum based absorption spectrometer for cycle-resolved multiparameter measurements in a rapid compression machine (2016) Werblinski T, Kleindienst S, Engelbrecht R, Zigan L, Will S Journal article High refractive index immersion liquid for superresolution 3D imaging using sapphire-based aplanatic numerical aperture increasing lens optics (2016) Laskar JM, Kumar PS, Herminghaus S, Daniels KE, Schröter M Journal article, Original article Fluorescence characteristics of the fuel tracers triethylamine and trimethylamine for the investigation of fuel distribution in internal combustion engines. (2016) Will S, Aßmann S, Lind S, Zigan L Journal article Sharp and rectified imaging of plane test objects in diffractive grazing incidence interferometers (2014) Schwider J Journal article Laser focus positioning method with submicrometer accuracy (2013) Alexeev I, Strauß J, Gröschl AC, Cvecek K, Schmidt M Journal article, Online publication Interferometric homogeneity test using adaptive frequency comb illumination (2013) Mantel KP, Schwider J Journal article