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eISSN: 1539-4522
Publisher: Osa Optical Society of America

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50 years of optics research [Invited] (2013) Schwider J Journal article, Review article Improved white-light interferometry on rough surfaces by statistically independent speckle patterns (2012) Häusler G, Hybl O, Wiesner B Journal article, Original article Flying triangulation - A motion-robust optical 3D sensor for the real-time shape acquisition of complex objects (2012) Häusler G, Ettl S, Arold O, Yang Z Journal article Temperature coefficient of the high-frequency guided acoustic mode in a photonic crystal fiber (2011) Carry E, Beugnot JC, Stiller B, Lee MW, Maillotte H, Sylvestre T Journal article Sample preparation method for glass welding by ultrashort laser pulses yields higher seam strength (2011) Cvecek K, Miyamoto I, Strauß J, Wolf M, Frick T, Schmidt M Journal article, Online publication Concentric ring metal grating for generating radially polarized light (2011) Ghadyani Z, Harder I, Lindlein N, Berger A, Iff W, Vartiainen I, Kuittinen M Journal article, Original article Adaptive frequency comb illumination for interferometry in the case of nested two-beam cavities (2011) Harder I, Leuchs G, Mantel KP, Schwider J Journal article, Report Diffractive simultaneous bidirectional shearing interferometry using tailored spatially coherent light (2011) Nercissian V, Harder I, Mantel KP, Berger A, Leuchs G, Lindlein N, Schwider J Journal article Effect of fabrication errors on the diffraction pattern produced by sawtooth gratings (2010) Harder I, Lindlein N, Torcall-Milla FJ Journal article Flexible beam shaping system using fly's eye condenser (2010) Lindlein N, Lano M, Zimmermann M, Bich A, Eisner M, Harder I, Voelkel R, Weible K Journal article, Report
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